World ARC Rally
- Join John in Australia, back to St. Lucia
Jul 29, 2012 - Apr 15, 2013

December 2012 - Now have finished 3/4 of sailing around the world. We are in Cape Town, South Africa. Had some challenging times sailing the most southern part of South Africa, but arrived safely on Dec. 8, 2012. Currently Preparing ourselves and J'Sea for the last 1/4, approx. 6500 miles to the finish at St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

The World ARC Rally, with 35 boats, is the ultimate sailing adventure for the recreational and competitive sailor.

Half Rally
Starts from Mackay, Australia July 29/12, around the southern tip of Africa, over to Brazil, and up the coast to finish in St. Lucia April 15/13, app. 12,500nm.

South Africa

Cape Town is a place where old and new harmoniously converge - in history, archi-tecture, cultural pursuits and the essence of its people.

Individual Leg
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Departing Cape Town on Jan. 05, 2013 for St Lucia in the Caribbean.

On our way we stop at St. Helena, for 4 days to provision, sight see and rest a 1700 NM trip. (NO Brazil) but onto Ascension 700 NM, then the long trip to Granada - approx. 3400nm.

Rest for a few days, then start to explore the southern part of the Caribbean - Barbados, St. Vincent & the Grenadines to St. Lucia.


After 2 seasons visiting the islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Martin, British & American Virgin Islands - on May 05, 2014, the JSea will join the ARC Rally to Europe, leaving British Virgin Islands with stops in Bermuda, the Azores Islands on to England, Holland To Germany.

ARC to Europe Rally
May 5 to June 30, 2014

The ARC to Europe Rally is still one of the more popular sailing rallies held (20+ boats). It has a combination of pleasure sailing with open ocean sailing (cross the Atlantic) to Plymouth, England.

This rally provides some challenge to serious sailors expecting to sharpen their skills. Click for details.

England to Germany
July 5 to Sept 15, 2014


German/French Canals to the Mediterranean
May 1 to Sept 1, 2014

In May 2014, we will depart and travel through the German & French Canals arriving in September at Marseille, France.

Marseille, France to Marmaris, Turkey
Sept 5 to Oct 15, 2014

After time in the French Riviera, we will leave and make our way along the Italian coast to Genoa, then Nettuno Marina, which is one hour from Rome.

Then to Santorini in the Greek Islands.

Then to the Crusaders Castle in Bodrum, Turkey, ending in Marmaris, Turkey (both in the Turkish Riviera) arriving October 2014.

Click for details.

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What do You Want in a Sailing Vacation?

Whether tacking crisply to catch the best of the available breezes or sipping a glass of wine while watching a spectacular Mediterranean sunset, sailing provides a luxurious experience for all who participate.

Sailing is a lifestyle - one that combines elements of a moderately active sport with cultural tourism - topped off with the leisure and dining associated with first class resorts. I will paint you a picture.....

The Marina

You arrive at the marina, where the JSea, a world class yacht is snugly berthed amid a United Nations of other beautiful yachts. Boat enthusiasts from many countries go about their daily life in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Some are busy tending to marine chores while others are quietly sunbathing on deck. Your neighbours could be from home or from some European or Asian country. Everybody is friendly and courteous and may extend an invitation to visit them later.

The Cruise

Your captain, John Cuzner welcomes you aboard and graciously helps you get settled in. After some yacht orientation, it is time to relax and enjoy. For the afternoon, John has arranged a leisurely cruise of some local historic sites. Bathed in the Mediterranean sun, you set sail - gently cruising out of the harbor. Amid soft mountains rising out of the sea, exquisite Turkish gulets (wooden sailboats) and other pleasure craft, the JSea gracefully takes to the sea. As the breeze picks up, John unfurls the mainsail and soon the JSea is carving its course across the incredibly mavi (blue) water.

The Tour

Upon arrival at your destination, the JSea may either berth in a local marina, or simply anchor up in a quiet bay. After a short ride in the motorized dinghy, you set foot upon an ancient shore where history is measured in thousands of years. Ancient ruins, quaint villages, sandy beaches, local markets buzzing with tourists and locals alike, or historic castles may be the subject of your afternoon. Make sure you bring your camera! Go for lunch and enjoy the local cuisine or simply stay on the yacht and catch some zzzz's in the hot sun of the day - it's your choice - it's your vacation!

Whether out on the open water, visiting the seaside towns of southern Turkey, or exploring the sites of Israel, Greece and Egypt, you will experience many visual delights—so bring your cameras and camcorders. The J’Sea has all the necessary equipment to charge your batteries - whether 110v or 220v.

The Evening

After a fascinating day of exploring and sailing, it is time for dinner and perhaps dancing. If anchored in a remote bay, you may choose to cook an exquisite dinner and relax on the rear salon of the yacht. With full showers and personal head facilities, you prepare to party or relax. As the evening sun sets in spectacular glory, you raise a glass of wine and enjoy pleasant camaraderie with your yacht mates. If in a marina, you may be invited to join someone you met earlier for cocktails on their yacht. Some of you may decide to go into town to dance the night away in the myriad of nightclubs. And once all is said and done, slip between the sheets in your private cabin and let the waves gently lapping against the J'Sea put you soundly to sleep.

Aaaaaah! It's the life! It's the best!