2009 In the Greek Islands, "Rodos Cup Rally"

Across the Mediterranean, "Turkey to Morocco"

Across the Atlantic Ocean, ARC to Caribbean
"Canaries to St. Lucia"

For 2009, John Cuzner and the J’Sea will be participating in three major events. About early summer, he sails the 2009 Rodos Cup Rally which is short, relaxed and lots of fun.
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Then he sails from Turkey to Morocco, visiting Greek Islands, Sicily, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal and Morocco, ending in the Gran Canaria. Details - click here. Rates - click here.

In the fall, he will join the ARC to Caribbean across the Atlantic Ocean from Gran Canaria, off West Africa to St. Lucia.
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Greek Islands

Stage 1: 2009 Rodos Cup Rally - A Leisurely Cruise with Fun & Pleasure in the Greek Islands!

The Offshore Yachting Club of Rhodes is organizing for the 13th year an international sailing week titled: “RODOS CUP 2009” in the paradisian Dodecanese (Greek) islands. The aim of the event is to promote Offshore Sailing by uniting as many sailors as possible, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the wind, sea and sun of the Greek islands during the best period of the year. Setting sail from the island of Hippocrates Kos we will visit the islands Tilos, Symi and sun island of Rhodes.

The possibility to participate with chartered boats and our great offers, due to the efforts made by our club, constitute an invitation and at the same time a challenge for sailing holidays in the Dodecanese (Greek Islands). Experience the natural beauties, the sights, the rich traditions as well as our warm hospitality.


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Chania, Crete

Catania, Sicily

Mallorca, Spain

Rock of Gibraltar

Lagos, Portugal

Stage 2: 2009 Across the Mediterranean to West Africa
Turkey to Morocco - Sept.15 to November 15, 2009

Departing Marmaris, Turkey, Sept 15, 2009
 Arriving Greek Island "Santorini" Sept. 17 - 162 nautical miles  (NM)
Departing Santorini Sept. 19th
 Arriving in "Ayios Nikolaos" Greek Island of Crete, Sept. 19th - 80 NM.
Departing Crete, Sept. 21st
 Arriving "Pilos" Greece, on the Ionian Sea, Sept. 23rd  - 230 NM.
Departing  Pilos Greece,  Sept 24th
 Arriving in "Catania" Sicily. Sept 28th  
 Crossing the Ionian Sea - 375  NM.
Departing  "Catania " Sicily, Sept.30th
 Arriving " Palermo "  Sicily, Oct. 2nd - 220  NM.
Departing "Palermo" Oct. 4th
 Arriving  "Cagelari" Sardena  Italy, Oct. 6th - 190  NM.
Departing "Cagelari" Sardegna , Oct. 8th
 Arriving "de Palma" Island of Mallorca, Spain, Oct. 12th - 360 NM.
Palma, Mallorca, shown right.

Departing "de Palma" Oct. 14th
 Arriving "Alacante" Oct. 16Th  -  165 NM.
Departing  "Alacante" Oct. 17th
 Arriving "Malaga" Spain Oct. 19th - 245 NM.
Departing  "Malaga"  Oct..20th
 Arriving "Tetouan" Morocco,  Oct. 21st. - 60 NM.
Departing  "Tetouan " Oct. 23
 Arriving "Gibraltar" Oct. 24th. - 10 NM.
Departing  "Gibraltar" Oct. 25th
 Arriving "Lagos" Portugal, Oct 27th - 170 NM.
Departing "Lagos" Portugal  Oct. 29th
 Arriving "Mohammedia" Morocco, Oct.31st -  150 NM.
Departing  "Mohammedia" Nov. 4th
 Arriving "Agadir" Morocco, Nov. 6th - 250 NM.
Tetouan Marina, Morocca shown right.

Departing  "Agadir" Morocco,  Nov. 8th
 Arriving "Puerto Calero" Marina, Lanzarote,
Canary Islands, Nov.11th - 250 NM.
Departing "Puerto Calero " Nov.14th
 Arriving "Las Palmas" de Gran Canaria, Nov. 16th - 120 NM.

Upon arriving at Las Palmas , we check in with the ARC to St. Lucia organizers, do our provisioning  and sight seeing. We then prepare ourselves for the up coming departure on Nov. 22nd, 2009 to the Caribbean.


Marina, Gran Canaria

Stage 3: ARC to Caribbean 2009 - Across the Atlantic Ocean

The 2009 ARC to Caribbean starts Nov. 22/09 and finishes Dec. 12/09.

The start of the ARC just offshore of Las Palmas (West Africa) is a great spectacle with hundreds of spectator craft and a Spanish warship at anchor as the start vessel. It is certainly an emotional moment for all those crew involved in the build up to this big day. There will be much jockeying for position in the first few hours as we all race down the eastern side of Gran Canaria, but in a very short space of time most of the fleet will be left behind.

Once clear of the Canary Islands the skill of the Navigator will be tested as we try and set the best course that will pick up the stronger North Easterly trade winds. Normally once we are a day or so we will be maximizing our speed, utilizing the effects of the Gulf Stream & Trade Winds.

As we gobble up the miles the weather will be getting warmer and warmer and if last years race is anything to go by we will be sailing in shorts by day and night. The daily routine of sailing this yacht at as near optimum as we can will also include the morning ritual of removing the stranded flying fish from all parts of the deck.

All to soon the race will be over and the magical Caribbean island of St. Lucia will be sighted. At the finish in Rodney Bay we will be welcomed with Rum Punch as we cross the line. This sets the scene for the coming days with a party every night.