Our Sailing Adventure for 2005 is the EMYR Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally. EMYR is neither a race nor a competition but an event organised by amateur sailors for amateur sailors wishing to explore the Eastern Mediterranean area. John and his friends will keep us up to date as they do the rally!

The rally represents yet another effective way of socialising and integration providing the opportunity for like-minded people to meet new friends and exchange ideas and experiences in an informal atmosphere. It is designed to be an easygoing, enjoyable cruise.

Lots of Entertainment Included!

Receptions at most ports will normally start with a welcome sip, party or dinner. Depending on the length of stay, inland excursions are planned. Parties and dinners, a larger part of them being sponsored, have to be attended by the whole crew of each yacht. Inland excursions are social events bringing the rally participants together and the aim of the Organisation Committee is that they should be attended fully as well. The costs of these excursions are usually not very high, but the participation of the entire crew is vital to reduce them even more.

EMYR 2005 is an event of a demanding character challenging such human qualities as a sense of friendship and community, understanding and togetherness, compassion and social compliance, concentration and endurance, discipline and patience, accurate navigation and awareness, seamanship and seaworthiness, enthusiasm and a sense of humour, and last but not least, a mind for exploration and adventure.

Please note the two points of major importance:

  • The official common language of the rally is English,
  • Every yacht participating in EMRY 2005 is sailing under the sole responsibility of the owner/skipper.

Rally Preparation & Equipment

As a participant, you will be required to have certain equipment. The skipper will orient you. Please consult the Preparation section for general sailing requirements.

J’Sea is participating in the EMYR Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally, from May 5, 2005 to June 25, 2005. In total, you will visit about 15 ports in six countries, travelling about 1800 nautical miles in total with about 80 other yachts. It will be a grand adventure!

If you would like to enter yourself and your sailing vessel, contact John at jsea1@hotmail.com, he'd be happy to help.

It is important to book early so travel arrangements can be made. In addition, you will require visas for most of the countries we visit. Once your agenda has been arranged, most of these can be obtained in local consulates and embassies.