J'Sea - Mediterranean Sailing Charters from Marmaris, Turkey - Testimonials

I had never been sailing before, except for a couple of day excursions out of Vancouver harbour, so after discussing my dream of sailing and exploring the Med, I decided to take the leap of faith and booked two weeks.

To my great delight, I had the time of my life. We sailed from Istanbul, Turkey, through the Sea of Marmar, down throught the Dardanelles, across the Aegean Sea and into the Mediterranean, arriving at Marmaris.

The weather and winds were spectacular. We had great sailing everyday, including the 25 knot broad/beam reach pictured to the right. John is an excellent skipper, teaching me how to sail safely, being an excellent tour guide, and always the consummate host.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, in fact I'll be there in 2009. Can't wait to get the J’Sea scooting across those waves!

Barry and I operate the exploration charter sailboat S/V Darwin's Passage, currently located in southern Chile. It was a peculiar decision to take our vacation on another cruising sailboat, but we are glad that we did. Our experience with John and J'Sea was memorable and we had a most wonderful time. John is a calm, patient and competent captain and the J'Sea was delightful to sail. We would certainly love to join her again on another adventure in the future, and would recommend her to our own friends and clients. www.darwinspassage.org

My 2007 Eight Month Sail Aboard the J'SEA

.  .  .  .  .  "it took 5 months to make up my mind to sail across the Atlantic. If the J'Sea asked me today I would answer YES in a heart beat."

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Two Weeks In Martinique

Jack Siddle was on hand in Martinique to prepare the J'Sea for the 2007 ARC Rally. Here's his video commentary of his time spent on this amazing island.

From Moscow, With Love!

The time I spent on jsea was terrific!!! I was imperessed I could visit every day the different place, different city. Each one with his own interests and beauties. We had a possibility to meet other people from other countries, it was great that everybody smiled. Being Russian it's strange, that eb smiles to you without any reason :) I received only positive emotions during my trip on jsea!! I remember when I jumped in open Adjeen sea, the first time in my life!! lots of adrenaline! I thaught always that in open sea there are sharks, that's why I was afraid maybe ;) As I had not much time in my disposition, I wanted to come at home a chocolate girl, that's why I did't use suncream... You imagine my red skin.. So my advise is to use suncream even it you have a couple of days to tan.. You have to go on jsea to try this original voyage, full of energy, sun, sea, swimming, meeting other cultures every day, watching comedies on a board, eating special dishes, sharing of receipts with each other!! It's was unbelievable!!!! try it and you will be glad for sure!! Great thanks to John for teaching to sail and organising this trip,